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Mia Baker

Hey guys, it’s Mia Baker here, and welcome to my podcast “Unsussed”. Firstly why did I call it Unsussed? Because my life is everything opposite of "sussed out". I'm pretty much just winging it as we go...I'm here to make your week that bit better (hopefully not worse) by chatting in your ear about my world, my golf life, and basically just me figuring stuff out with you. We'll also get some awesome guests on the pod to delve into their lives and how they got there. It's basically our chance to get real with them, to speak openly and honestly - no highlight reels involved. I'll also be asking you guys questions over on insta @miaellax and sharing your thoughts, opinions and stories...with a few laughs thrown in as well.Hopefully this little podcast is something you can look forward to every week... :) if you want to get involved make sure to send me a dm on insta @miaellax if you’d like me to chat about or discuss anything specific in upcoming episodes.Oh, and don't forget to follow, subscribe and you know... maybe give me a 5 star rating if you're feeling in a good mood... :)))Chat soon xx
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